Natural choice

Natural choice

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

Easy to Order

Easy to Order

Our Story

In very beginning of mankind a man went hunting in order to get meat for food. In the course of time a man acquired also skills of domesticating particular wild animals till he has found species that can be raised and bred in captivity. In 20th and now 21st century population grew swiftly as well as demand for meat and its products. Therefore livestock meat production became a huge and complicated industry.

Nowadays livestock are kept in narrowness, fed with genetically modified feed and medicines so that they are ready for a slaughter three times faster than those naturally grew up. Moreover in many parts of the world also a breeding of wild animals in natural environment and production of meat products have already been industrialized.

Baltic Wild began and developed its activity in one of the greenest* and richest in forests** countries in the world – in Latvia. It’s a land which is widely inhabited by storks, frogs and bees – creatures that choose only ecologically clean areas for their habitat. The company buys, processes and offers to clients wild game meat and its products only from animals who grew up in natural environment.

The biggest advantage of the game meat is its nutritional value. Forrest animals move around the unlimited territory and take from nature as much as they require, therefore all trace elements in game meat are in a balanced amount. Besides, the game meat contains more iron and essential amino acids in comparison with livestock meat.

Nowadays people again begin to appreciate naturalness, quality and moderation – a life that is in compliance and harmony with the environment and nature. It’s a sustainable approach that allows to think that today’s choices will influence also the future of our children and grandchildren.

Our goal is to give people a chance to enjoy natural and high-quality food. We offer fresh and frozen game meat, semi-prepared foods and prepared foods – canned game meat, cold smoked, hard dried sausages, dumplings with game meat, meat for burgers and our biggest pride – our speciality air dried meat under different tastes. In cooperation with the best Latvian chefs we offer also different recipes, that will help to cook delicious and sophisticated meals for everyday or special event.

Just some of our clients: HTJ.tax, Ireland Accountant, Louth Plumbers, Celebrity Emcee Joshua Lim, Model Agency Evergreen Talents, SGK Dublin Accountants.

Currently, we are constantly working on business development and the introduction of new products without any compromise on the issues of quality.


Baltic Wild products are healthy, nutritious, and natural foods made from wild game that will give you an unforgettable taste experience.

CANNED game meat

Baltic Wild canned red deer, elk, wild boar and roe deer game meat is a great choice for cooking an exquisite meal in a couple of minutes. Owing to excellent production technologies it contains a minimal amount of preservatives and is suitable for a long-term storage. Easy-to-open lid – at home, on an outing or picnic, always quickly and handy!


Baltic Wild game meat sausages were born in a duet of smoke and spices, becoming an excellent taste adventure. Impress your family, friends and clients with special snacks!


Baltic Wild dried game meat is a taste and flavour delight for the most demanding gourmets. Taste our special dried game and ascertain the wildly good taste!


Baltic Wild game meat product assortment is for any gourmet providing excellent forest flavour through different products. Our brand semi-finished products include meat for burgers and dumplings. Wisely, masterly and easy!


Baltic Wild fresh and frozen game meat provides opportunities for cooking excellent meals to every master of cookery. Prepare tasty game meat soups, steaks, sauces, broths and other favourite meals! We deliver fresh and frozen game meat throughout Europe. Choice approved by chefs!

Why choose Baltic Wild game meat?

Wildly good taste and premium quality

We are certain that enjoying Baltic Wild game meat meals and delicacies will ensure you an unforgettable taste adventure. That is why we take care that only excellent quality game meat and finished products reach your table.

Safe and Healthy Food

Baltic Wild are natural, healthy, energetically valuable and ecologically pure game products, obtained in one of the greenest and forested places of the world – The Baltics. We use a minimum amount of preservatives in production of game meat products and we have created a special series of products that are completely E additives free.

Experience = guarantees

Our specialists have more than ten years of experience organization of purchase and processing of red deer, elk, wild boar and other game meat. This means that you will receive only high-quality and safely prepared and tested game meat products.

Easy to order online

Easy and convenient ordering of fresh game meat and products online and via mobile devices: try Baltic Wild application that provides possibility to order products simultaneously checking their availability and amount in stock.

Timely delivery

We deliver fresh game meat and products throughout Baltics and Europe. Fresh game meat is being delivered with a special transport within a few days.

We are open for cooperation

We constantly develop production, technologies and produce new game meat and natural products. Contact us for cooperation opportunities if you have special requirements and ideas for extension of supply of your restaurant or store with exclusive gifts of nature! Favourable cooperation conditions also for hunters.

Quality and Safety



Baltic Wild game meat and products are being produced in accordance with the European Commission regulations, standards and Latvian legal acts on obtaining, processing, packing, storing and transportation of game meat.


Safety of game meat food is being monitored and controlled by Food and Veterinary Service specialists. Production of Baltic Wild products is being strictly monitored starting with a game in forests and ending with a finished product.

How to order

Ordering of Baltic Wild game meat and products on the Internet is quick and easy!


Sign up for an Online Store account to make future purchases faster and easier. Currently registration is available for legal persons.
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2. Choose

Choose fresh game meat, finished products and delicacies. Ordering system is connected to the stock data allowing you seeing the available amount of production and current offers.
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3. Order

Order chosen Baltic Wild game meat products. No minimum order limits for deliveries within Latvia. The minimum order for deliveries to the restaurants in Europe is 20 kg of game meat.
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4. Receive

Receive your orders throughout Europe within 2 – 3 days in accordance with a logistics schedule which you can find by contacting us. Free delivery for orders over 20 kg. For smaller orders the delivery costs are being calculated depending on a distance of delivery region – contact us for details!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Baltic Wild?

Baltic Wild is a game meat legend of Northern Europe – high-quality game meat products and delicacies. Discover now!

Why is game meat better than livestock meat?

Nowadays livestock are kept in narrowness, fed with genetically modified forage and medicines so that they are ready for a slaughter three times faster than naturally grown ones. Moreover, in many parts of the world also a breeding of wild animals in natural environment and production of meat products have already been industrialized. Whereas Baltic Wild game meat products are obtained from wild animals, which are grown up in a natural environment. Therefore, their meat contains all micro-elements in balanced amount. And finally, it is a story about an excellent taste adventure!

Where and how to buy Baltic Wild game meat products?

Retail companies and catering companies can easily order Baltic Wild products via our electronic ordering system, or by contacting us.

What kind of game meat Baltic Wild offers?

Taste Baltic Wild red deer, elk and wild boar meat – we offer to purchase fresh game meat and finished products.

Is hunting harmful to distribution of animal species?

In accordance with legal acts the hunting takes place so as to ensure the protection and preservation of populations of wild animal species, gene pool and inhabited environment.

How to make sure that Baltic Wild game meat products are safe?

Throughout the process of obtaining and processing Baltic Wild game meat we observe strict quality and safety standards in accordance with the laws and requirements of Food and Veterinary Service.

How fast can you deliver fresh game meat and products?

We deliver fresh (refrigerated) game meat and game meat products throughout Europe within 3 days. Contact us and find out the fastest possible delivery to your address!

What is the game meat sell-by date?

Sell-by date varies for each product type. For canned game meat it is three years. To learn more, please, contact us!

What meals can be cooked from game meat?

Game meat products provide unlimited fantasy opportunities for cooking unforgettable meal for both every day and special events.

Did not find your question? Feel free to contact us!


Please contact us by email: balticwild@balticwild.com
or by phone: +3 712 7543 333

Canned Game Meat

Our delicious Baltic Wild canned game meat originates in the green forests. Game meat is high-quality low-calorie protein source. Canned food is ready to eat cold in your sandwich however can be heated and served for your main food along with side dishes or within your tasty forest soup. Canned food is a perfect choice for traveling, highking, picnics and quick meals. It has an easy -to-open lid and its perfectly suitable for a long-term storage. Baltic Wild provides two types of canned food: classic and without E additives. Both include assortment with venison, elk, roe deer and wild boar meat. Wild taste is always a great choice!


Baltic Wild offers a taste delight with its game meat sausages that are made of elk, wild boar, venison and are seasoned with natural spices. The manufacturing process for making wild game sausages remains the same as for other sausage types, however, game meat is lean and should be mixed with pork or beef. Game sausages can provide you healthy morning breakfast or an unforgettable tasty start of your evening in combination with a glass of wine. Wild taste won’t disappoint you!


Dried meat is a feature of many cuisines around the world. Baltic Wild dried game meat delicacy will treat you with something unusual. Every piece of our dried meat product is hand-sliced and carefully dried to guarantee the maximum taste experience. Choose wild taste from the forests to provide you perfect moment, perfect enjoyment and perfect combination with a glass of wine. Dried meat is high in protein and has low fat and carbohydrate content. It’s perfect in any time!


Baltic Wild dumplings are easy and fast to cook even after exhausting working day or being in a hurry. Its smart living that requires time management and nutritious food consumption. Venison meat burger is the right choice for your weekend barbeque with your family in the garden. This meat is possibly the most nutrient-dense meat in general. By special order Baltic Wild is producing also game meat pates. Healthy and smart living has a wild taste!


One of the main benefits of eating game meat is that is it one of the healthiest meats available, very low fat and cholesterol. It is lean as wild animals can walk and roam freely so not to store much fat. For instance, wild boar has a very different nutrition values from the domestic pork. As animals lives and feeds in its natural environment, meat contains higher proportion of omega-3 fatty acids, more vitamins, selenium and zinc. Fresh and frozen game meat can be used for homemade meals and be served in high end restaurants. It’s all about sustainable living and environmentally friendly food option. It’s smart to live healthy!